Burhan Pledges to Cleanse Sudan of Rebellion


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Sudanese Army Commander – cum-president of the Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, has pledged the fighting against the Rapid Support Militia would continue unabated until all of Sudan is cleansed of its filth.
In his speech from Gedaref, where he visited the 2nd Infantry Division, Saturday, Al-Burhan praised the strength and steadfastness of his forces, stressing that those stationed in all locations have held out with legendary steadfastness, promising that victory is near and clear.
“We assure everyone that we will be victorious in this battle and we will put an end to the mercenaries who defiled Sudan.” He said.

The army commander denounced the crimes committed by the rebellion, noting that the violations authored by the Rapid Support Militia had not occurred in the entire history of the nation.
Therefore, the battle will continue until all of Sudan is cleansed of the Rapid Support Militia, he underlined.
Al-Burhan praised the relationship between Sudan and neighboring countries, noting the good neighborhood relations that bind Sudan with Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Army Commander concluded his statements by renewing his pledge that the fight against the rebellion will continue. “We will fight and fight until our last man standing because the traitors are still occupying the homes of citizens.” He vowed.

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