Sudanese Commend Terminating UNITAMS Mandate


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The North Sudan Entity has described the period of the UNITAMS mission in Sudan as dark and considered it a plan to recolonize Sudan in a modern way.
The entity said in a statement on Saturday that the mission perched on the chest of Sudan and practiced all types of modern colonialism in it, including interference in domestic affairs and trying to impose foreign wills through zero-sum groups that do not have any popular support and know with certainty that they will fall in any upcoming elections, so they tried hard to pass their agenda through the ill-known mission.
The entity saluted the effort, diligence, and integration of the official roles led personally by the President of the Sovereign Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and the popular efforts that succeeded in removing the head of the mission, Mr. Volker Perthes, first and forcing him to submit his resignation, and then terminating the tasks of his mission by the decision of the United Nations Security Council, in accordance with the request of the Sudanese government and the efforts of those in charge of the diplomatic mission at Sudan mission in United Nations which explained all the violations committed by the mission and its significant contribution to igniting war, practicing exclusion, and imposing gelatinous bodies and names that have no place in the Sudanese political reality, which contributed to igniting the war and cowardly ignoring the condemnation of the violations of the Rapid Support Militia in the occupation of citizens’ homes, hospitals, public facilities, committing rape, theft, slave trade, and other things that the Sudanese people read about in history of the medieval ages

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