Dollar exchange rate rises Against SDG

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Foreign currency rate of exchange against the Sudanese pound has witnessed significant rise in some banks following their shooting up in the parallel market today, Sunday.
The US dollar crossed the 1,000-pound barrier in the parallel market, compared to 850 pounds in the official market. This drop in the value of the pound has spurred inflation and a hike in the cost of living.
The exchange rate of the dollar stands at (850) pounds at Omdurman Bank, (785) pounds at Bank of Khartoum, and (760) pounds at Faisal Bank.
While the exchange rate of the dollar in the parallel market has scored, at the beginning of the week in several states, such as Gezira and the Red Sea States, a record of 1,060 pounds and it sells at 1,070 pounds, while the rate in public banks remained between 750-850 pounds. The exchange rate of the Saudi riyal rose to 283 pounds while the Emirati dirham is currently 288 pounds.

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