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Al-Nakhli Laments Wad AlAmin

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The poet Madani Al-Nakhli completed a new poem entitled (Death Comes) eulogizes the singer Mohamed Al-Amin, and the singer Saif Al-Jamaa is working on writing a melody for it in the hope that it will present to the audiences soon.
Attached is the text of the poem
The news came
Alamashaylo breeze
Death is absent
The handsome string rang
The voice of our country
Shadi Ghanwato
Abu Al-Amin
The breath of healthy time
Neil Gnanamoh
Imitating a bank
The tenderness of the senses, how delicate
You came and we used to have company with you
In a time of fear
This is the death of my beloved ones
In a homeland
Bereaved and absent
On our way out
Lamudi and Lahu are lost
He brought…
Every day we lose a loved one
The dear country is heartbroken
The stars are shining bright
It is similar in meaning to fire..
Homeland Fatuho Nassau
I have a difficult path to exile
Lito had a trick on our hands
Abu Al-Amin is the pride of the nation
Nazfu was a groom
In Thrac he was buried
Plant in the city of Breda
For good news, Ida material
And you are the sad one
In your distant exiles.

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