Customs Dollar Increase, Criticized

Sudan Events-Nahid Oshi

Member of the Gold Exporters Division, Abdul Moneim Al-Siddiq, has criticized what he described as “continuation” in imposing many customs duties and taxes as well as adjusting the customs dollar without an announcement, as the customs dollar rose from 560 to 650.
He considered it, in a statement to (Sudan Events), a major increase that will lead to more suffering and placing more burdens on people.
He argued that the citizen who has been exhausted by war and absence of the state and lack of basic services, such as health, education, salaries, and other crises, will suffer from both matters.
He added: “We hope that those in charge of the Ministry of Finance will look at these exhausting conditions that the Sudanese people are going through. So, instead of lifting these taxes from them, they increase customs duties.?”
He noted that governments during wars always give priority to the daily subsistence of their citizens.

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