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The Director General of the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO), Rahba Saeed Abdullah, has confirmed that control and inspection operations for imports and exports in the stable states are going normally. She pointed out to the great efforts deployed by the employees in achieving the goal of protecting consumer and the national economy. Rahba has meanwhile announced the start of work at the SSMO’s office in the crop market in Tandelti town in spite of the current challenges facing the country.
For his part, Engineer Magdi Siddiq, Director of the SSMO’s branch in White Nile State, has confirmed that the launch of work at the SSMO’s office in Tandalti is very much appreciated by the government bodies and security agencies, merchants, producers, and exporters. He referred to the strategic advantages of this office in facilitating the movement of various crop exports, completing technical procedures for export and local export dispatches, monitoring markets, spreading awareness among consumers and producers, and calibrating and sealing various weighing machines and other relevant services.

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