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Dakar Carnival decorates with African Colours and Legends


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The colors of African fashion shone brightly at the 4th edition of “Dakar Carnival” in the Senegalese capital. This year’s fourth edition of the carnival was organized in the Youf district of the capital, Dakar, where colours mixed dazzlingly on the costumes and faces of the teams participating in the carnival. The carnival concludes its activities on Monday with a fishing boat race on the beach of Youf District. Dakar celebrated its culture in all its diversity during the 4th edition of its carnival. This year, the festival honors its heritage and legends as well.
The carnival coincides with the beginning of the tourist season in Senegal. A key aspect of the festival is the celebration of what Senegalese people call the spirit of Teranga, a familiar word that broadly means generosity, hospitality and warmth. The carnival plays an important role in preserving the country’s heritage, as well as in the economic development of local communities.
It is a return to the sources that were drawn from this carnival, said Youf City Mayor Issa Lai Samp. “It is an honor for us to be able to revive all this cultural heritage that we have inherited.”
“We pray that this Dakar Carnival will flourish, like the Rio Carnival, and will be one of the major cultural events in black Africa,” he added. “Every edition has its challenges in embodying diversity, and the challenge this year is to launch our approach to local partnership,” said Fatou Cassie Sarr, director of La Bale Com, the organizer of the Dakar Carnival.

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