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Moroccan-Palestinian Crowned at International film Festival in Marrakesh


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The Moroccan documentary film “White Lies” by its young director, Asma El-Moudir, won the gold star at the Marrakesh International Film Festival, which was expected, according to many critics and the audience, who stood by it long after the end of its screening.
This is the first time that a Moroccan film has won this award after 20 sessions since the festival began in 2001.
The director said that she showed the film in two international forums in English and French, but she felt a special feeling when she showed it in Marrakesh in the Moroccan dialect, highlighting that she did not expect to be crowned.
She pointed out that “White Lies” began its brilliance at the Cannes Film Festival, but its biggest crowning glory was in Marrakesh.
Moroccan film critic Hamadi Karroum told Al Jazeera Net: “Asmaa is an intelligent director, and has a great outlook on art and life,” and he considered that “honesty” is the most important feature of what any artist presents to the public, and this is what the director succeeded in admirably.

Karroum pointed out that the culmination of another Moroccan film, “Gangs,” is a great symbol of the development of Moroccan cinema and the presence of other talents waiting to be given the opportunity to express themselves in all relevant cinematic professions.
In turn, the Moroccan and Palestinian films “Gangs” by director Kamal Azraq and “Bye Bye Tiberias” by director Lina Sawalim impressed; Cinema lovers in Marrakesh and the jury that awarded them the award equally.

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