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Al-Zein Center and Sudanese Intellectuals Association in Cairo organise activities

Report – Magda Hassan

Ali El-Zein Music Center,that moved its activities to Egypt after the war, organized a number of artistic and cultural nights in Cairo. The last one was an evening at the end of last month, at the Children’s Culture House in Sayeda Zeinab, in which some artists participated, in the presence of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and it was a successful day.
Support those affected
The rebuilding of the center was preceded by the establishment of the Sudanese Artists Association in Cairo. The Center looks for solidarity with the Intellectuals Association, as part of its activities to support those affected internally and externally.

External branches
Couple weeks after his arrival in the Egyptian capital, the director of the center, Ali Al-Zein, began his registration procedures, which coincided with the registration of the center in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. With the increasing arrival of intellectuals in Cairo, and their meeting with residents, the opinion settled, after extensive discussions among them, on establishing a body that brings together all the creative people and intellectuals in Egypt.
A comprehensive entity
Al-Zein explained in an interview to Sudan Events that cafes and public places witnessed, in the beginning, many meetings, the outcome is the establishment of the Ali Al-Zein Center for Culture and Arts, and then efforts and endeavors escalated to unite intellectuals and creative people into a unified entity. The Egyptian Ministry of Culture responded to the desire of a large number of names with cultural weight to establish an entity that would bring them together, later known as the Sudanese Artists Association in Cairo. The association was able, with some foreign and local support, to establish a headquarters in the center of the country, at the intersection of Adly Street and Mohamed Street. unique. On the second floor, there is now a headquarters where all poets, writers, musicians, and artists gather, and all those who belong to all forms of creativity. An executive committee was established to organize the work. The work opened more than a month ago, and activities were held, the last of which was about music therapy, and on the schedule are cultural projects at home.

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