Roads Refurbishment in Central Sudan

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in Gezira State has announced the opening of the southern lane of Al Mahatta Street in Medani, with a length of 3.5 kilometers and a width of 10 meters to accommodate three vehicles after the completion of asphalting works and allowing the passage of vehicles.
Engineer Abu Bakr Abdullah, Minister of Infrastructure, pointed out the beginning of the cleaning, maintenance and review work on the northern track.
Brigadier General (Police) Khamis Ahmed Madani Ajlin, Director of the State Traffic Police, commended the inauguration of the southern lane of Al Mahatta Street, which will contribute effectively to the smooth flow of traffic and remove congestion in Madani.
Drivers have meanwhile expressed their happiness with the opening of the southern lane, calling for speeding up the completion of internal roads in the Gezira capital of Medani.

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