The Khartoum Government Heralds Imminent Return


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Khartoum local Government has heralded the return of inhabitants to the capital soon.
Bushra Hamid Ahmed, the governor’s representative, indicated that the state government is exerting great efforts to secure services in order to achieve stability and restore normal life. In the State of Khartoum.
He said that the Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Osman Hamza, is leading major security, social and humanitarian activities to prepare for restoration of a decent living conditions for the civilians in Khartoum state, especially those affected by the war.
He referred to the activities carried out by the local government in Khartoum to restore full service projects in the fields of water, health, food distribution and the flow of consumer goods by opening many outlets.
Noting the availability of medical, health and diagnostic services in more than five hospitals and more than twenty health centers, in addition to private clinics as well as charitable clinics, he reassured people that life would soon return to normal, pinpointing to the return of life to normalcy in a number of neighborhoods in Khartoum State.

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