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From novice to global superstar in 2 years

Agencies – Sudan Events

In just two short years, the DJ known as Uncle Waffles has transformed her entire life – from taking her first steps behind the turntables, to becoming an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer.

“It still feels very unreal, like this to me is not happening really, you know?” the 23-year-old star told CNN following her headlining performance at Revolt World, in Atlanta, Georgia, in September.

Leveraging social media, Uncle Waffles has quickly become a sought-after star in Amapiano – one of the fastest-growing music genres out of Africa, known for its deep house sound fusing kwaito, jazz, and percussive basslines. She garnered the nickname “Princess of Amapiano,” and although the performer is grateful for her title, the self-proclaimed “girl’s girl” doesn’t feel like she truly owns it.

“I don’t want it to ever make people feel like women have to always be up against each other. We can all coexist, and we can actually all shine together.”

“It takes a lot of vulnerability to release music because it comes with so much criticism,” she said. “But it was the best decision I ever made because now I have multiplatinum music.”

Uncle Waffle’s success has helped to define a clear path for female DJs who aspire to become global stars.

“It’s very possible for your dream to be valid as a woman in male-dominated spaces,” Uncle Waffles said, while showing the world that a DJ can command the stage.

“Being a DJ doesn’t limit it,” she added. “If you want it to be on a big stage, (you’ll) accommodate that big stage.”

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