Experiments: Sudan Qualified for Rice Production

Sudan's Considerable Production of Rice Proves It Qualified


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Director of the Agricultural Research Station in White Nile State and the National Coordinator for Rice Research in Sudan, Dr. Khaled Abdullah Othman, has confirmed that experiments have shown that Sudan is qualified to produce rice to achieve self-sufficiency and export the surplus to the regional and global importers.

He called on investors and companies to invest in the field of rice production in Sudan, indicating that the average productivity of the rice crop in Sudan exceeds the global productivity, as the experiments achieved an average productivity of 6.8 tons per hectare, while the global average is 4 tons per hectare.

He pointed to the availability of local, regional and international marketing outlets.

He added that half of the world’s population relies heavily on rice as their staple food, especially China, Japan, Korea and India, in addition to the change in the dietary pattern in African and Gulf countries and their trend towards consuming rice.

He also stated that Africa imported quantities of rice worth $4 billion in one year, and that this confirms the guarantee of marketing the rice product.

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