FFC… The Political Arm for the Militia

News Analysis

By Mohammed Wadaa

– Some leaders of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC)- Central Council participated in the April 15 coup,

– Leaders in FFC – The Central Council are kept in the dark and misled

– The least that they could do is

– The weakest faith for oblivious leaders is to demand an investigation into these accusations

– Cadres from some components of the Central Council participate directly in the fighting alongside the Rapid Support Militia (RSF),

The Journalist and political analyst, Mr. Osman Merghani, has once said that the “FFC – the Central Council- represents the political arm of the RSF, consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, but it is the truth – and if FFC took a unified national position with the army, this would stop this war since its first month. FFC provided justifications for the RSF and its positions were the oxygen that caused the prolongation the war.

Last June, Osman Merghani gave a speech about the coup, which sparked intense controversy, and some people went to the extent of accusing Osman Merghani of knowing about the coup, beforehand. The truth is that information about the coup was available to many people, including official bodies, and information was available about mobilizing thousands of RSF in Khartoum, setting up new camps in the Sports City and Ard Almuaskarat (camps ground), bringing in armored forces from Al-Zurq, rushing 130 combat vehicles to Merowe, besieging the airport and the air base, and taking a fighting position since April 12, the Merghani has stated “What happened in mid-April was a full-cream coup planned by elements of the FFC – Central Council in cooperation with RSF.” He added in an interview published by Al-Ayyam electronic newspaper, “Some figures in the Central Council of the FFC were fully involved in the planning that resulted in the war.” He pointed out that it was a very well-prepared coup. If it had succeeded, it would have been supported because the RSF did not participate in it. It would be a full coup and would have met full popular support considering as it was planned by the army. An error occurred in the arrangements, so it turned to Plan B, and the army commander would have been detained in a dignified manner until the initial arrangements were finalized, but it turned into forcefully arresting the army commander and raiding his residence, and the matter continued to the stage where it is now, and the situation reached a sweeping war. Merghani added, “My talk is based on meetings with Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo two weeks before the coup, which lasted three hours, and I listened to all of his testimonies.” Then I heard all the testimonies of some of those who were chosen for the Council of Ministers, and he said that the parties that engineered and designed the coup were parties outside the army (external and internal), and in order for the coup to be acceptable, an executive role was given to officers in the army, and Osman continues (the plan was – A – It was a military coup, and it was a very elaborate plan that included a Council of ministers and a full sovereign council of civilians. When scenario – A – failed, it turned into scenario – B -, scenario – A – was very precise and there was great confidence in its success, so scenario – B – was not implemented, what led to the war and its well-known repercussions.

What is surprising is that the FFC – Central Council did not deny this accusation, and six months after this story, which explicitly accuses them of participating and planning in the April 15 coup, they did not object to being the political cadre of the RSF militia, and that, contrary to What it is promoting, the FFC is the main reason for prolonging the war, and with the failure of the war justification for democratic transformation, and that the war was ignited by the remnants, and that it is a war against the state of 1956, and despite the crimes and violations committed by the rebel militia, and the obvious role of the UAE in providing the militia with money, weapons and mercenaries, the FFC- Central Council did not abandon its appointed role in showing and confirming the political and societal division towards the militia and justifying the continuation of the war with the logic of (no to war) in which the army wins, and welcome to the war if the victor is RSF Militia.

This writer claims that some leaders of the FFC – Central Council are completely in the dark about the involvement of some element in participating in the coup, and perhaps this is what Merghani meant by the expression (fully aware or totally unaware – knowingly or unknowingly), and they have no knowledge of the millions of dollars which were pumped to some to prepare for the marches and demonstrations that would be mobilized to welcome the coup, and they did not participate in choosing the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers who would have assumed power after the success of the coup.

However, this oblivion does not excuse them from responsibility, nor does it forgive them for betraying the army and the people by refraining from condemning the violations and crimes of the RSF Militia, displacing millions of citizens, occupying their homes, stealing their money, raping women, and practicing ethnic cleansing, with the justification of neutrality, while they are at least aware that the media discourse of the Central Council is in support of the rebel militia. Perhaps it is too late for some of the Central Council group to demand an investigation into these announced accusations about some of their leaders being involved in the coup and harnessing the entire group to serve the agenda of the RSF Militia, they are, at least, morally responsible for what happened and is happening in their oblivion.

December 8, 2023

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