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Grand Egyptian Museum to Open with 50,000 Artefacts

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Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to one civilization and the whole world awaits its scheduled opening this year.

When it opens, it will contain more than 50 000 artefacts including the full collection of King Tutankhamun presented all together for the first time in history to the public.

The GEM project is the focus of attention for the Egyptian government, which removes any obstacles that may affect its completion.

When the museum complex opens, the world will see wonders that can only be found in this great cultural edifice.

The striking museum facade was made with Egyptian materials and saved more than $ 180 million costing 10% of the original estimated cost.

Egypt’s Grand Egyptian Museum(GEM) is ensuring the safety of all employees and providing them with support when dealing with the global pandemic.

A booklet has been issued by the museum entitled ‘We Have Never Stopped: In the Face of Corona’ to document all the precautionary measures that have been taken since March 2020.

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