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Musician Dr. Al-Fatih Hussein Shares his Memories With Wad Al-Min (1-2)

Sudan Events – Interview Magda Hassan

He described his artistic experience as unrepeatable.
He was a loyal friend, I cannot describe him in words.
When I was a student, I dreamed of playing with him…!
In 1984, his orchestra consisted entirely of students from the Institute of Music…!
Our life with him was travel and rehearsals for new works..!
His daily concerts inside and outside Sudan make us tired out, so we decided to take a week off..!
After forming the (!Samandal band )we found ourselves facing the most difficult choices..!
Last month, Sudan was saddened by the death of one of its greatest creators, the great singer Mohamed Al-Amin Hamad Al-Nil, who passed away in the United States of America USA as a result of an illness that did not last long. The passing of Al-Bashkatib sparked an overwhelming wave of sadness throughout the country, and everyone competed in obituaries, recalling his contributions to promoting the art of Sudanese singing, which placed him at the pinnacle of Sudanese singing, and granted him a distinguished place in the hearts of millions of Sudanese.
He was so desired at concerts that responding to those desires was a source of exhaustion for the musicians, who were humbled to take Friday off, in order to get some rest, says musician Dr. Al-Fatih Hussein, who had a strong friendship with the late man, who was one of the band members.
The pub is distinguished and attractive to musicians.

Dr.Al-Fatih Hussein, as he shared his memories of Wad Al-Amin, and his attachment to his singing, with the spread of tapes at the beginning of the seventies, with which songs and anthems also spread, especially the October ones, at the forefront of which is: “The month of ten, love, ten,” which introduced Wad Al-Amin to the people strongly, he says: We were We chant these songs at school and in processions. And in the demonstrations.
After that, we became passionate about listening to his songs on the oud. I was listening very carefully, feeling the composition, his musical composition, and getting to know him and his approach.
And after that
During our music lesson, we learned that Mohamed does not deal with the pentatonic scale, but rather deals with the full scale, with seven tones, which he uses with great intelligence.
The Sudanese listener does not even feel that he is using the two notes that are not present in the pentatonic, so his melodies were distinct and attractive, especially for the musicians,
I dreamed of playing with him:
Dr. Al-Fatih Hussein continues, in an interview to Sudan Events newspaper, as he recounts the development of his relationship with the great artist, saying: – I was attracted by the good composition and I loved his songs, and when I was a student, I dreamed of playing with him, even before I thought about entering the music institute. Before I came to Khartoum.
As a resident of Madani, I often met him in Madani. I often, as others did, greeted him as fans when he came to visit his family, until circumstances forced him to join the Music Institute in the 79-80 class, and when I became in the second grade, specifically, he began The dream came true.
We were a group of musicians: Saad Al-Tayeb, Osman Al-Naw, Marghani Al-Zein, and myself, participating in the school session.
Some Conditions also led to Saad, the organist, joining the Mohamed Al-Amin Band, followed by Mirghani Al-Zein, as a violin, and then it was my turn.
The number of students enrolled increased until, in 1984, the entire Mohamed Al-Amin band consisted of students from the College of Music.
A historical trip to London:-
One of the most memorable events was that we traveled with him to London.
This was an unusual event for us, in our twenties, to have the opportunity to visit this amazing country. We completed the production of a famous tape, in which we performed great songs, the most prominent of which was the song: “Zad Al-Shajoun.”
This trip gained Dallamain a greater audience, and we in turn became famous.
Throughout the period of our work with him, which extended since 1981, we did not have free time, and I am almost certain that since we started working with him, we were at daily parties.
Parties in Khartoum and outside it… and outside Sudan: Algeria, the United Arab Emirates UAE , Morocco and others.. Where we roamed the world.
Our life with him was travel and rehearsals for new works. He was very, very popular at wedding parties.
After we were get tired, we decided to take a break and have Friday as a day off.

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