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Goodbye Julia For Showing in UAE

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The Sudanese film (Goodbye, Julia) is still winning admiration in the cinemas of the Gulf States and director Mohamed Al-Kordfani announced that the film will be shown in the Emirates starting next week and will continue according to demand. Al-Kordfani said that commercial screenings in Gulf cinemas are at a density of (approximately 60 halls) and before that in Egyptian cinemas, for a longer period. It is only an achievement for the crew, actors, and Sudanese cinema, but a unique achievement for independent cinema all over the world.
Al-Kordfani called for supporting Sudan’s presence on the map of Arab culture and the presence of independent cinema among commercial films and blockbusters and competing with them, so that the experience can be repeated for other films and other independent directors.
It is worth noting that the Sudanese community in California celebrated the director and producer of the film by singing Sayed Khalifa’s wonderful song (My Neighbor and I am his neighbour ), which is one of the songs that was shown in the film.

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