Gen. Burhan: Since the Outbreak of the War We Were Only Defending


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The President of the Sovereign Council, lieutenant General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan, who is the General Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces told the army third division in Shendi, north of Khartoum, that since the start of the current war the army has been in a state of defense but some hirelings and agents have been calling for ending the fighting whereas the address should to the side that has been attacking the army.
“we are defending our land, and we would like to say to those who talk about the Kizan as having spurred the war or the Muslim brothers have initiated the fighting. We tell them to just look at the aggressors. are there Kizan in Darfur? Are all the citizens in Khartoum Kizan” Burhan asked in his address.
He said the Sudanese army is going to win against the rebel militias because it is defending its people and its homeland. He said the army would clear Khartoum and will clear the areas in Darfur where Sudanese people have been pushed out of their homes and mistreated and subjected to all types of abuses, leaving their homes and made to leave their country.

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