The Dollar Falls, Gold Rises

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The dollar’s trading on the black market witnessed a slight decline today, Tuesday, after its rise to 51 pounds and fell to 49 pounds.

While the price of the dollar in the Central Bank of Egypt reached 30.83 pounds for purchase and 30.96 pounds for sale.

Gold prices recorded a new high, as 21 karat exceeded its highest level during the current year, recording 2,800 pounds for sale, and 2,780 pounds for purchase.

24 karat recorded about 3,200 pounds for sale, and 3,177 pounds for purchase.
An 18-carat record costs 2,400 pounds for sale and 2,382 pounds for purchase.

14 karat recorded 1860 pounds for sale, and 1853.2 pounds for purchase.

The gold pound recorded 22,400 pounds for sale, and 22,240 pounds for purchase.

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