Osman Al-Amin, President of Al-Merreikh Club


Sudan Events 

The Sudanese Al-Merreikh Club appointed Osman Al-Amin to assume the duties of Chairman of the Board of Directors until a new president is chosen following the resignation of Ayman Abu Jibin from his position last month.

Al-Merreikh Omdurman is expected to name an alternative president at the meeting held in 10 days, to fill the void at the head of the administrative composition.
Osman Al-Amin confirmed in a press statement today, Tuesday, that he assigned the duties of president, which will be discussed at the next meeting, indicating his readiness to work with any council to help the club overcome the current impasse.
Al-Amin revealed that this month they are working on arranging the home affairs of the Club and streamlining administrative works

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