Al-Burhan: The traitors asked me to leave the command safely, I declined the offer

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Addressing Army Officers in Shendi, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, President of the Sovereign Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Army, said that the 3rd Shendi Infantry Division remained the umbilical cord that provides aid to the army and eliminates the enemy, and in so doing sustains martyrs which qualified it to be the mother of martyrs.

Al-Burhan indicated that the army will continue in the battle of dignity until the end until God achieves victory, and added, “we will win, or we will pass away, there will be nothing in between.” Al-Burhan continued, “We are confident that victory is ours, and our Lord will make available to us whoever helps us to eliminate these killers who vandalized our homes and displaced our people.”

Gen. Burhan said that the armed forces are making steady progress to eradicate the rebellion which descrivbed as “the cancer.”

He noted that the war is now being managed by those who have run out of all means of fighting, and are fueling tribalism and seeking the sympathy of tribes everywhere. Burhan said this was a danger that will fragment Sudanese unity and cause death to this nation. He added, “These are crimes whose perpetrators must be punished sooner or later.”

Al-Burhan pointed out that it is the duty of the armed forces to take revenge for the martyrs, and continued, that they Shoulder the army the responsiblty of completing the job. He stressed that “we tell them that we will not retreat, and the enemy will not find leniency or humiliation from us. It will always find us strong, and our index is poked in the eyes of the enemy and in the eyes of any person who supports it.”

Al-Burhan revealed that those whom he described as the traitors offered him to leave the army command during the early days of the war without being exposed to anything, and he continued, “The man who brought me the message, I told him something that he will not forget until his last days on earth.”

He added, “As army officers none of us will retreat, none of us will sell the honor of the military uniform, and no one will abandon their troops.”

Al-Burhan has warned that the battle is long, and continued, “If we win it in Khartoum, we have brothers in Darfur who were killed and their properties looted.”

General Burhan explained that the Sudanese Armed Forces have so far been defending but, and added, some agents and mercenaries abroad are demanding that both sides stop the fighting, and “we tell them that the party that must stop the fighting is the aggressor.”

He stressed that the battle is clear and that pretexts, lies, and talk about the islamists and Muslim Brothers are of no use. He continued, “We tell them, look! Who is fighting, and those whose property was looted and displaced in Darfur and elsewhere, are they islamists?

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