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Awadia Kuku: Sudanese Women of Courge Award by US

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Awadia Mahmoud Kuku, active since 1979 in fighting for the rights of Khartoum tea sellers, was awarded the 10th annual International Women of Courage Award by the U.S. State Department.

According to World Tea News , the International Women of Courage Award brings attention to women who have shown leadership in working for the equality of women and who have shown outstanding levels of courage.
Mahmoud with Secretary Kerry at the Courage Awards
“Awadia Mahmoud has been fearless in confronting government authorities, challenging unfair social norms, and overcoming economic obstacles,” the State Department said in making the award.
Awadia received the award from United States Secretary of State John Kerry.
There were fourteen awardees this year.

Since 1979, Awadia has been selling tea in Khartoum. She helped develop a union of women selling tea and food on roadsides and in other small businesses.
There union grew to include 8,000 women.
The union’s activities were intended to protect these workers from harassment and mistreatment. She knew that the women did not have legal recourse so she used their numbers and the media to bring attention to the difficulties they faced, including police persecution and unfair taxes.
Women who received this year’s award came from all over the globe including Sudan, Mauritania and Tanzania.

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