Army strikes at Militia unit in Abqouta

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

On Thursday, a Sudanese army fighter bombed a military force affiliated with the Rapid Support Militia (RSF) that infiltrated the city of “Abqouta” – 35 kilometers south of the capital, Khartoum, and forced it to leave the area.
An armed unit affiliated with the militia and consisting of a limited number of military vehicles and motorcycles, pulled from Khartoum, and tried to invade the city’s outskirts this morning, targeting a number of commercial shops in the marketplace. They confiscated cooking container of beans from grocery store owners, carried them packed, and left with them, in addition to robbing meat butchers and places that sell vegetables.
As a result of this traitorous attack on the area, the manager of the Agricultural Bank was martyred due to his refusal to hand over the money that was in the bank’s treasury to the militia soldiers.
The confrontation continues between the army and the rebel militia force on the outskirts of the region until Thursday noon.

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