Consumers Protection: Criticizes Transportation Sector

Sudan Events

Dr Yasser Merghani, member of the Consumer International and President of the Sudanese Consumer Protection Society, has stressed that the Sudanese consumers are strongly impacted by the ongoing war in the country.
He pointed out in statements to Sudan Events that some weak spirited individuals have made use of the pressing needs of the consumers and resorted to raising tariffs and prices for transportation a matter that reflected on the prices of basic commodities and consumer goods. He said this has trebled the impact of the war on the consumers.
Dr Merghani has strongly criticized the transportation sectors in particular as it has directly contributed to aggravating the suffering of the consumers, not only now but even before the war. He said this includes all components of the sector including the fact that vehicles are incompatible with the set standards, added to this the hyperinflation of the tariffs and tickets prices.
He conceded that it was their role as consumer protection society to fight against corruption wherever it might be, adding that this role would be reactivated further soon, expressing his hope that consumer protection would be a living reality in the country.
Dr Yasser said he expect that the incompetent bodies would distance themselves from involvement in the technical decisions related to the goods and product in 6eh Sudanese markets and leave this to professional technical committee, stressing the need to respect the laws and regulations in force in the country.

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