Breaking news: RSF: Hemaidti in person to meet Burhan

Sudan Events

The Rapid Support Forces militias (RSF) have announced that their leader Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemaidti)is committed to personally attend the meeting with the Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, lieutenant General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan, as proposed by IGAD.
In a statement is issued on Thursday the RSF said they are committed to all pledges made during the IGAD Summit meeting held in Djibouti, in line with the arrangements adopted by the summit.
The RSF pointed out that some social media platforms have publicized a story claiming that the second commander of the RSF, Abdul Rahim Daglo, would be conferring with Burhan.
The RSF said these media reports were only trying to cover up for the statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs in which it disavowed commitments to IGAD’S recommendations as issued by the 41st summit meeting of the heads of state and government, the RSF press statement charged.

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