Moroccan Wydad signs with Faouzi Benzarti

Morocco – Sudan Events

Today, Thursday, Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca signed coach Faouzi Benzarti to succeed young coach Adel Ramzi.
Moroccan press reports revealed that the management of the Moroccan Club Casablanca decided to dispense with coach, Adel Ramzi, in response to pressure from the fans, demanding the hiring of an experienced coach.
According to reports,Benzarti signed a contract today with Wydad president, for a period 6 months with the possibility of renewal..
Tunisian coach Faouzi Benzarti’s first match with the Moroccan team Wydad Casablanca is scheduled to be against its counterpart, the Tanzanian team Simba, next week in the fourth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

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