Russian Companies to Invest in Sudan

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The Russian Ambassador to Sudan, Andrei Chernovol, has underlined the desire of Russian companied to invest in the Sudan, with emphasis on the field of mining and mineral
The Russian diplomat who met with the General Director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited (SMRC), Mohammed Taher Omer, in Port Sudan, has renewed the desire of the Russian companies to invest in this field within the spirit of cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Minerals.
For his part, the Director General of SMRC, Mohammed Taher Omer, reassured the Russian ambassador that conditions are favorable to for investors to come to the country and to invest. He said major Russian companies are welcome to work in the field of mining in the country, and pledged to remove all hurdles and difficulties facing Russian companies working in the field of mining.
He noted that the Russian companies are outstanding with their extensive experience in the field of mining industries.
He underlined the company’s resolve to address all challenges that could face the Russian companies in their relations with the local communities hosting mining industries and activities, stressing that more efforts will be made to prepare the environment for companies so that they can achieve their goals aimed at increasing production and advancing the mining sector

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