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Winners of 9th Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation Crowned


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On behalf of Father Amir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, H E Sheikh Thani bin Hamad Al Thani crowned the winners of 9th Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding for 2023, in a ceremony held yesterday in Doha.

The ceremony was attended by many of Sheikhs and Ministers, and diplomats accredited to the state, and the ceremony’s guests, including writers, translators, and researchers.

Jaime Sanchez Ratia won first place in the translation category from Arabic to Spanish for translating the book “Akhabr Abu Tammam” by Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Souli. Noemi Fierro Bandera secured second place for translating the book “Jamhuriat Kan” by Alaa Al Aswany.
The third place went to Pedro Buendia Pérez, for translating the book “Al Tarbi W Al Tadwir” by Al Jahiz, and the third place also went to Angelina Gutierrez Almanera for translating the book “Al Naswiya Fi Sher Al Mara Al Qariay” by Hessa Al Mansouri.
In the category of translation from the Spanish language to the Arabic language, Nadia Al Ashiri and Mohamed Barada won first place for translating the book “The Secret Literature of the Muslims of Late Spain, The Secret Literature of the Moriscos,” by the writer Luthi Lopez Baralt.
Mark Jamal also won first place for the translation of the book “The Autumn of the Patriarch” by Gabriel García Márquez.
In the category of translation from Arabic to English, first place was withheld. Second place went to Hassan Al-Yazighi Al-Zaher for translating the book “Talkhis Al Khitaba” by Ibn Rushd.
The second place was also won by Sophia Vassallo and James Montgomery, for translating the book “Al Hawamil wal-Shawamil” by Abu Hayyan Al Tawhidi and Abu Ali Miskawayh. Alessandro Colombo and Mireya Costa secured third place for translating the book “Al Hasram” by Zakaria Tamer.
After the first place was withheld, the second place in the category of translation from English to Arabic was won by translator Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim for translating the book “The Messenger of God Said – Explaining the hadith in a thousand years” by Joel Bleicher.

Mahmoud Mohamed Al Harthani also got second place for translating the book “Brownlee’s Principles of Public International Law” by James Crawford, while the third place went to Dr. Ibrahim Al Furaih for translating the book “The Origins of the Arabic Book” by Beatrice Grundler.
Dr. Youmna Tarif Al Kholy also won third place for translating  the book “Islam and Liberal Citizenship in Search of an Interwoven Consensus” by Andrew F Marsh.

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