$100 million loss incurred by Sudanese bank due to war


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The management of the Bank of Khartoum announced that it is studying options to deal with the fate of the bank’s 3,000 workers, distributed among (125) branches of the most widespread bank in the country. The bank manager, Lamia Satti explained in statements to “Darfur 24,” that the Board of Directors has not taken a decision to dismiss any worker yet, but there are options for some workers: either give them leave for a year with a salary deduction, or submit their resignations. The bank’s total losses – recorded so far – amounted to one hundred million dollars, according to management reports, but the bank’s management confirmed that it had fulfilled its obligations towards depositors’ funds. The bank branches in Khartoum were subjected to unprecedented looting with the outbreak of war on April 15.
The bank’s management said that it is keen to avoid any effects affecting customers due to war conditions, noting that the “Bankak” application was able to provide wide-ranging services in very complex circumstances, and that the bank’s management is always working to stabilize and develop it. “If the required response from the employees is not met, the bank’s management will resort to the option of dismissal based on the performance evaluation.” Sati added.
About two-thirds of the bank’s branches went out of service completely, (66) of which were in Khartoum and (7) branches in the Darfur region, which led to two-thirds of the employees stopping work completely.

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