Smuggling over 84 thousand Saudi riyals, aborted 


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi


Customs forces (Wardiya Tokar) thwarted an attempt to smuggle foreign currencies amounting to 84,820 thousand Saudi riyals with one of the female passengers.

Director of the Customs Forces, Lieutenant General Adam Al-Nour, praised the achievement of the workforce in Al-Wardia, calling for more efforts to facilitate the movement of passengers while tightening customs control to prevent all forms of smuggling.

Police Brigadier General Amir Zain Al-Abidin, Director of Port Sudan International Airport Customs Department, explained that the great experience of customs force personnel makes them capable of detecting smuggling cases, especially in light of the presence of modern detection devices and electronic monitoring, calling for following the proper method with regard to disclosing the carrying of currencies and minerals.

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