Army Repulses RSF Attack Near Madani

Madani – Sudan Events

Today (Friday), the Sudanese army confronted groups of the Rapid Support militia (RSF) as they attempted to infiltrate fuel and gas depots in the Umm Alila area – 15 kilometers east of Wad Madani, the capital of Gezira State in the center of the country.
Eyewitnesses from the region reported that violent clashes were still taking place between the army and the militia in the region, and they noted the intervention of military planes that bombed RSF gatherings in several locations in the region, as well as the outbreak of clashes in the areas of Al-Sharfa Barakat and Abu Haraz, and they confirmed hearing the sounds of gunfire and heavy weapons in Wad Madani, creating a state of panic among civilians.
Witnesses from the area said that army forces closed the entrances and exits of Wad Madani, the main market, and Hantoub Bridge, the entrance to the city from the eastern side.
On Thursday, a militia force invaded the “Abu Gouta” area, northwest of Gezira State, and carried out looting and assault operations that met widespread condemnation. Human rights groups warned against the RSF’s attempts to expand the scope of military operations.

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