Farid calls on International Community to Warn the Militia

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Hamdok’s former Advisor, Amjad Farid has criticized the attack carried out by the militia o Friday, in Al Gezira State – central Sudan.

Amjad argued there was no military reasons behind the RSF aggression against Wad Madani. He said Madani and the entire Gezira State are currently a large camp for internally displaced persons of vulnerable civilians following the destruction of Khartoum State, North Kordofan and Darfur.

Farid considered the RSF’ attack on Wad Madani a continuation of its brutal campaign of terrorism, murder, rape, looting and destruction, demanding that the international community send similar warning statements to the RSF as it did previously in the case of El Fasher to demand stoppage of attacks against this region and Wad Medani.

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