Sudakal Council pays the salaries of Al-Merreikh players

Sudan Events – Ali Al-Taher

The Sudanese Al-Merreikh Council, the “Sudakal” sector, announced today, Friday, the disbursement of the players’ salaries, the receipt of the first football team, and the carrying out of its duties in accordance with the club’s 2019 statute, amended 2021.

The Sudakal Council revealed in a statement on Friday addressed to the fans of the Al-Merreikh Club and public sports opinion, that it is a legal duty and the legitimacy of the Council dictates that it direct its duties towards the club and its components, and ensure that all crises that the club is going through are addressed.

The statement confirmed that Sudakal paid two months’ salary to the players, and the Board of Directors also completed all the details in order to contract with a coach and technical staff, as the Board only postponed the matter of announcing it through a press conference.
In addition, it conducted advanced consultations to announce the location and time of the external camp, in coordination with the team’s to be announced coach.

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