Gold Prices Rise

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Today, Friday, the global spot price of gold rose to 1% at $2,046.69 per ounce
US gold futures jumped 3.2% to $2,061.60.
While the price of a gram of 21 carat gold in Egyptian goldsmiths recorded 2,880 pounds, and the price of the gold pound jumped to a historical level of 23,040 pounds.
24 karat for sale reached 3,269 and for purchase at 3,291
22 caliber for sale 2,996 and purchase 3,017
As for 21 carat, the selling price was 2,860 and the buying price 2,880,
14 karat sold for 1,907 and bought for 1,920.
The sale of an ounce reached 101,653 and the purchase amounted to 102,363.
The gold pound for sale is 22,880 and for purchase is 23,040
Selling a kilo reached 3,268,571 and buying 3,291,429

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