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Mohamed UK’s Favourite Name for Eecond year in a Row

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The Muslim boys name, which is also spelt Mohamed, Muhammed, Mohammad, has routinely been found to be a favourite choice of parents naming their new born children.


Mohamed has been revealed as the most popular name in the UK for newborn babies, according to an annual survey by parenting advice resource Baby Centre.

The Muslim boy’s name, which is also spells Mohamed, Muhammed, Mohammad, is constantly the top choice for parents naming their sons in the UK.

Arabic names Layla, Aisha, Zahra, and Maya were also in the top 100 most popular girl names, the survey showed.

The results of Baby Centre’s survey found that Noah was the second most popular choice for boys, followed by Theo and Leo.

Olivia, Amelia, and Isla were crowned the top three names for girls in the UK, the parenting advice platform survey revealed.

Other traditional Muslim and Arabic names like Abdullah, Yusuf, Hamza, and Ahmad were included in the top 100 names.

From 2016 to 2021 Muhammad was found to be the number one name for baby boys in the UK. Muhammad re-took the top spot in 2022 and held the title again in 2023.

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