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Singer Abdul Moneim Al-Nazir: We Make Difference through singing and All Arts

I worked hard to make a history in singing. Theater and acting are an ancient love.


The voice of singer Abdul Moneim Al-Nazir entered Sudanese homes through drama, singing the intros to series, and it was the beginning of his discovery and stardom. However, the rapid developments in the artistic scene slowed down his steps in this space. Abdul Moneim Al-Nazir between singing and drama.


Sudan Events- Interview-Magda Hassan


* Singing stars in the Arab world are turning to acting. What has gained you in the field?

We thank you for your interest in cultural and artistic affairs in general, especially in light of these critical circumstances that our country is going through.

Dramatists are my second family, and my friends are there in their joys and sorrows and I greet them wherever they go.

Theater and acting

They are an old love

I had an experience that I will never forget, when I acted in the play (Umm al-Durr), which was written by the playwright A. Adel Ibrahim Mohamed Khair, and directed by the actor friend Mohamed Al-Mujtaba Musa

She talked about the struggle during the period of the poet Khalil Farah and Dar Fawz in Omdurman

Regarding the poetic and lyrical struggle against the colonialists in that period, it was a good experience through which I stood on the stage of the Baqaa Theater and then on the stage of the Friendship Hall.

With hose.

* Your experience in singing the slogans of Sudanese soap operas, why did you stop?


On the contrary, it did not stop. I made many slogans.

Only the shapes differ, for example the agriculture logo

And slogans for children

There is a national TV clip about “beating” in schools, directed by Maher Abu Ali (Al-Hanoun).

Now these activities are widespread, perhaps they stopped due to the war, and in addition to the fact that recently, my presence in Hayshan has decreased.

TV and Theatre

And radio.

*Before the outbreak of war

Your entire singing experience has stopped. What is the reason?


On the contrary, it is not stopped

The evidence is that before the war, the Blue Nile Channel visited me, thank you very much, in the East of the Nile, and they recorded an episode of the program (Revolution by Text), and now, under these circumstances, I did not stop.

I have a collection of works that I composed

And her singing, she talks about the homeland and the war,

No to War by the poet, Madani al-Nakhli, and (Nkosik Dao) by the poet, Professor Muhammad Safla, (Between Zanj and Arabs, the origin was Sudan, among all peoples fornication, literature is divine), and other works.


* The abundance of new artists has diminished the stardom of your generation. Do you agree?


Every generation has its characteristics

His environment, and his way of understanding the arts. We think how

Through singing and the arts combined, we can make a difference

They think that singing is just entertainment, and this is not a shame, but as knowledge increases, their horizons will open

To produce works that remain immortal

History, and it has meanings that motivate humanity

On development and growth

And do good, and reject everything that is harmful to humans.


*Is singing unattractive to you, so you turned to another job, such as a restaurant, for example?

Any work is permissible and there is no shame in it, and relying on singing alone is not a solution

Because it has many changes and turns of events, so my advice to every artist

(Do not rely on singing


Don’t care about rumors

And the looks of others

They are a part of society that only cares about appearances

Do any halal work

It guarantees a decent living for you and your family.


* What was your artistic ambition and were you able to achieve it?


We tasted stardom and fame during the nineties, but it was not on our minds, and I did not pursue it.

I worked hard to make a history in singing with hard work and effort, and I have my own principles and values that I respect despite that

Many people had an opinion

Different that these principles and values have lost us!

I thank God very much. Until now, I am doing my job to the fullest with my love for singing by , and I am still working to achieve my ambitions, and I sing as I love and as I should.

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