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Experts create the first ‘mind reading’ technology that can translate brain waves

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Scientists have created new world-first technology that can read our brain waves and translate them. Artificial intelligence (AI) has previously been known to be able to read thoughts, but now experts have created a helmet that can read those thoughts and translate them into text. Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney are behind the creation that uses AI to translate brain waves.

The device was tested on 29 participants who were asked to wear the cap, which is filled with sensors. They were then asked to silently read a random piece of text while the AI sensors monitored their brain activity. The brain waves were translated to text by the AI and the results were remarkably similar to the text the participants had been reading, with an accuracy of between 40 and 60 per cent.

One participant was asked to silently read: “Good afternoon! I hope you’re doing well. I’ll start with a cappuccino, please, with an extra shot of espresso.” The AI then translated the brainwaves into the following text: “Afternoon! You well? Cappuccino, Xtra shot. Espresso.”

AI was successfully able to translate the electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings into text thanks to an AI model called DeWave that utilises other AI programs including ChatGPT.

Chin-Teng Lin from the University of Technology Sydney explained: “This research represents a pioneering effort in translating raw EEG waves directly into language, marking a significant breakthrough in the field.

“It is the first to incorporate discrete encoding techniques in the brain-to-text translation process, introducing an innovative approach to neural decoding.

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