FM: Condemns RSF Attack against IDPs in Gezira

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FM) has denounced Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacks on Sudanese civilians who fled the war to central Sudan’s Al Gezira region saying the aggressions showed the Janjaweed militia’s terrorist nature as they blatantly target safe villages and towns in the east of Gezira State – central Sudan – that are devoid of any military targets, terrorizing residents, displacing and undermining humanitarian and civilian activities there.
A statement by the FM on Saturday indicated that Gezira State and its capital, Madani, host large numbers of displaced people who fled the war in Khartoum. The Ministry statement argued that under international laws any attack on areas of displaced civilians constitutes a crime against humanity, and its perpetrators will be held accountable by international laws and judiciary system.
The statement added that targeting Gezira State comes as an extension of the militia’s practices in Khartoum, Darfur and Kordufan states, where crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing atrocities, sexual violence, and attacks on displaced persons’ camps were committed.
It pinpointed that these violations were condemned by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the US Administration, the European Union, and other governments.
The ministry reminded that these violations have been documented and recorded by international organizations and mass media that provided undeniable testimonies about the atrocities committed by the militia.
The Ministry has meanwhile welcomed the condemnation by the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations of the militia attacks on the outskirts of Wad Madani. It pointed to the stand expressed by the US representative who asserted that the perpetrators of these terrorist acts will be held accountable. It also welcomed the stands expressed by Senator Chris Cohn, a member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who also condemned the attack.
The Sudanese FM renewed its call on the international community to classify the militia as a terrorist group, criminalize the provision of any form of assistance or support to it, from any party, and consider it a partner of the militia in responsibility for the terrorist acts, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing that it continues to commit.
The FM stressed the special responsibility placed on the United Nations Security Council in carrying out its role in confronting militia terrorism, in light of the suspicion marring the Council’s moral contradiction in this regard, as one of its non-permanent members is a partner in the aggression against Sudan and bears responsibility for these atrocities on an equal footing with the terrorist militia.
The Ministry did not name that non-permanent representative within the Security Council, referred in the statement.

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