New Developments in Renaissance Dam

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Dr. Abbas Sharaqi, Teaching Staff of Water Resources at Cairo University, said in a note he posted on his social media account (Facebook) that the flow of water has stopped above the medium corridor of the Renaissance Dam, and the 4th storage of about 24 billion cubic meters, a total of 41 billion cubic meters, was completed on the 9th of last September.
He added: Since that date, water has been flowing up the middle corridor, and the continued flow for more than a month and a half despite the opening of the two drainage gates on October 31, November 8 of last year, is due to the increase in the surface of the lake to more than 1,000 km2, and the average amount of water that reaches the Renaissance Dam from Lake Tana and from the drainage of valleys in the Blue Nile Basin during December, about 42 million m3/ per day.

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