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Japanese Invention Capsule Allows Sleeping while standing at work


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A Japanese company has created an invention that allows people to take a nap anywhere, to regain their energy to complete their daily work.
The invention, called Giraffenap, from Koyoju Plywood Corporation, is a vertical sleeping capsule that was installed in a number of cafes in Japan as an experiment before being applied on a larger scale.
According to the American National Public Radio website NPR, the invention enables its users to regain their activity and energy, through a short nap in a standing position, without the person entering the deep sleep stage.
The company announced its “strange” product through a press release in which it said: “The (giraffe nap) box gives you a feeling of refreshment within 20 minutes. Such a nap will help you recover from fatigue, reduce stress, and charge memory and concentration.”
The company indicated that joint research by the University of Hokkaido and Cheng Kung University confirmed that sleeping standing gives a person a feeling similar to what he feels in his normal sleep, and he will also wake up without any negative side effects, and will be able to resume his activity at full capacity.
The sleeping capsule is equipped with a smoke detector, ventilation fan, and controllable LED lighting, and is soundproof.

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