Madani developments threaten trade movements

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce in Atbara, Seif El-Din Muqallad, has warned against the impact of the closure of the Hantoub Bridge on the flow of movement of products (exported and imported), anticipating in statements to Sudan Events that the impact would extend to all trade between the safe states if the closure is prolonged, which will have many consequences.
He numbered these as including the destabilization and turmoil of the markets explaining that the smooth flow of products and commercial movements led to the stability of the markets, the availability of necessary products and goods between supply and demand, and the stability of their prices, which had the main role in stabilizing the commercial movement and the movement of life in most of the safe states.
The Hantoub Bridge was considered the artery of trade, industry and agriculture, through which most of the exports, imports and products from central and western Sudan pass and to it, passing through the states of the east and from there at the Haya intersection to the northern states (Northern and the Nile River). These states together have come to receive most of the products of the companies and factories that moved to the state of Gezira due to the war.
He added that the closure of the Hantoub Bridge will also affect what comes from Port Sudan to Wad Medani heading west.
Therefore, prolonging the closure of Hantoub Bridge will have an impact on the movement of goods and trade, which may reflect negatively on their availability during the coming days if the closure is prolonged.
However, he pointed out that the internal trade movement between Wad Medani as a source of products to the western states would not be affected due to the presence of a road option and Wad Medani Sinnar.
He called on the armed forces to defeat the rebellion, clean up the remaining areas, and reopen the Hantoub Bridge as soon as possible.

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