Negligence of Agricultural Crops Season Criticized

Khartoum – Rehab Abdullah

Deputy Chair of the Sudan Farmers’ Association – Rain Sector, Ghariq Kambal, has criticized the officials disregard for the situation of the agricultural season, which faces the possibility of failure
He denounced the lack of attention at a time when the country is suffering from a prolonged war, and he said in a statement to Sudan Events that the situation will ultimately lead to famine in the country. Therefore, he argued, officials had to catch up with what was left of the season and do their level best to achieve productivity that ensures covering part of the local need instead of waiting for relief.
He attributed the failure of the agricultural season – as he described it – to the government not providing the required capital. Consequently, he added, the Agricultural Bank failed to complete the financing and stopped halfway with regard to gasoline provision, in addition to the scarcity of rainfall, and the exposure of the corn crop to the locust pest. However, he confirmed the success of the sesame crop.

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