RSF Shares seized pending UN decision

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The National Commission for War Crimes and Violations of the Rapid Support Militia (RSF) in Sudan said that it had found a number of shares owned by business names and companies affiliated to the rebel RSF Militia.
The Commission indicated in a press circular issued on Saturday that it was proven through its investigations that the RSF Militia owns a number of shares in public joint stock companies with a market value for those shares amounting to 36 trillion and 258 million and 718 thousand pounds, and they were seized by the commission for the purpose of issuing a UN Security Council Resolution to classify the rebel RSF militia as a terrorist organization. SNWCC confirmed that it had prepared a legal memorandum signed by the Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan, Chairman of the Commission, including all violations committed by the rebel militias against the Sudanese people.
The memorandum was submitted to the head of the technical committee responsible for implementing Security Council resolutions.

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