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US New Car: Drives on The Ground and Flies in The Air

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Federal Aviation Administration in the United States (US ) has granted a startup company based in California a license that allows it to test its new tester, which is a flying car capable of driving on the streets and flying in the air.
The US authorities said that the license is limited to specific purposes, including participation in exhibitions and research and development, according to CNN.
The manufacturer Alef stated that its flying car, which it called “Model A,” is the first of its kind that can drive on the streets and park in public parking lots, while at the same time flying in the air.
The company explained that the plane, which is still under development, is capable of covering a distance of 321 kilometers and flying in the air for a distance of 177 kilometers on each charge, noting that this car is completely electric.
The company expects to sell the car for $300,000, with the first batch to be delivered by late 2025.
Many companies are working on developing electric cars that have the ability to take off and land, and the US Aviation Administration confirms that.
This car is not the first of its kind.
As for the developing company, it says that its car is different because of its ability to operate in the streets and the atmosphere together, and it can take off vertically and park in public parking lots like any other car.

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