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(Your Safety, My Homeland:A new song by Haider Al-Badri

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The poet Dr. Haider Al-Badri wrote a song titled(I Want Your Safety, My Homeland ), which will come out soon. It is worth noting that Dr. Haider Al-Badri has several songs on radio and television, including his lyrics and melodies. A number of artists sang patriotic songs for him, including Ahmed Al-Jabri, Majzoub Ounsa, Mohamed Abdel Qader, and Ismail Hasab Al-Daim. He also had the famous children’s song (Ana Ya Balad). And others.
He also has ten emotional songs, the most famous of which is “Light of the Eyes,” sung by the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.
Text of the song “May your peace be upon you, my Homeland”:
We want your safety, my homeland..

We want your safety, my homeland…
Always walk in the path of truth.
. Despite the difficulties and tribulations…
We build you with the sweat of men
We sacrifice for you and souls wish..

We saw you… and our goodness increased…
Loving your soil and valley
Our glory is in you.. and in belief
Our country… O greatest homeland..
In you we perish, O greatest country
We work… we live hard
We raise the banners of jihad
We preserve it over time
We want your safety, my homeland..

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