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Zuckerberg Builds A Bunker in The Ocean to prepare for the World War III

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The American billionaire Mark Zuckerberg spent $170 million to buy the land to build his fortified farm, which he, his wife, and his children consider a home for the family and a strong fortress to protect them from the coming war. With talk escalating these days about the possibility of the outbreak of a third world war, given the multiplicity of armed conflicts around the world, the American billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is working on.

The founder of the “Meta” company, which owns the social media giants “Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp,” is currently building and establishing a fortified fortress to serve as a secret hideout for him in the American state of Hawaii, to protect himself and his family in the event that World War III breaks out.

According to what was reported by American media, including the New York Post and WIRED, the fort will be in the middle of the ocean on Hawaii Island and the nearest large land will be 4,000 kilometers away, in order to ensure that the fortified house will not be affected by any nuclear explosions.

Even the main gate of the fortified farm, called Koolau Ranch, will be explosion-proof in the event of a major world war.

The fortified farm will be equipped with self-sufficient water, livestock and places to grow plants to produce food. Zuckerberg will be accompanied by an entourage of workers who will help with maintenance, harvesting crops, and taking care of livestock. It is likely that the fort will be able to withstand decades of food and drink, so that those inside it can live as long as possible.

When the war ends or the danger ends, they can go out and start a new life on earth. Billionaire Zuckerberg has spent $170 million to buy the land to build his fortified ranch, which he, his wife, and his children call their family home, a Zuckerberg spokesman told Wired.

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