Diplomat: US Giving Due Attention to Sudan, Now

Agencies – Sudan Events

A renown American analyst and writer Alex de Waal, the executive director of the World Peace Foundation, has indicated that the US Administration has at last started giving due attention to the war in the Sudan and how to put an end to the fighting
“There’s an opening to halt the carnage, end the famine, and save the state from collapse. An intricate diplomatic dance is underway involving African and Arab leaders as well as the United States.
Almost eight months after fighting erupted in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, followed by mass atrocities in that city and in the western region of Darfur, a serious peace initiative was finally set in motion this past weekend.”
He indicated that the Administration is currently in the process of naming an envoy to from the president to take a close and active look into the issue of the war in the Sudan.
He also said the American legislators and those dealing with the foreign policy have now stressed the Arab Gulf UAE has to stop providing assistance to the rebels in their war against the national army.
In the article which is published in full in the opinion page of “Sudan Events”, De Wall traced the different involvement in the ongoing war in the Sudan and what role neighbours have played and those whose role is vital in finding a lasting solution for the conflict in the Sudan.
De Waal has in short stressed in his analytical article that the American diplomatic needle has moved on Sudan at last.

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