Sudanese Commodities’ Inability to Compete Abroad

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sudanese commodities could not compete in international markets because of the high levies the state imposed on the production process, Economic expert Mudawi Al-Toum Abdul-Qader argued.
Mudawi quoted another factor that plays a major role in inhibiting Sudanese produce from competing in international market which is the weak role of the Sudanese commercial attaché in embassies which sometime lack such a diplomat within their staffs.
He underlined the need to constantly have such a post within each embassy serving the country and that if that staff is not there, the government should seriously consider appointing one.
In a statement to Sudan Events, the expert, underlined the importance of that job as it will help, along with other incentives, to stimulating Sudanese exports and submitting weekly, if not daily, reports. He said these reports and their analysis would help to increase the volume of exports dependent on the experience and knowledge of the commercial attaché for his mission in promoting commodities.
Regarding exports of agricultural produce such as onions, mango, oranges, lemons, hibiscus, sesame, gum, and others, the high cost was attributed to the high cost of transportation.
The expert said the government should adopt a policy where Sudanese trucks would be allowed to enter all neighboring countries without complicated paper procedures. He said he considered this one of the main means to bring down transportation costs.

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