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‘Floating train’: unique travel experience

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Passengers enjoy natural air conditioning and stunning views of lotus ponds, temples, and more as they embark on this scenic railway journey.
Railway adventures are gaining popularity in the kingdom with tourists seeking off-the-beaten-track travel experiences away from the hordes visiting temples and beaches.
Saturday was the State Railway of Thailand’s first Bangkok to Pasak Jolasid Dam service “Rot Fai Loi Nam” marking the end of the rainy season.
Hundreds of bleary-eyed passengers boarded the train at Bangkok’s century-old Hua Lamphong Station before sunrise.
Lotus ponds, jungles, temples and rice paddies zipped by as tourists in third class hung out the window and took pictures while enjoying the natural air conditioning.
The dam is used for agriculture and flood prevention and is fast becoming a tourism drawcard, with popular rail trips running from November to January.

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