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Singers Contribute in IDPs Psychological Rehabilitation, Interview


Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

-The creative person fights with his word, melody, and tongue

– We do not respond to abnormal voices, this is our job

– Teaching music under the Bixala tree

When I asked Dr. Mohammad Adam Suleiman Tarnin, Professor of Music at the Faculty of Music and Drama, about the role of the singer at this stage. He did not present wishes and suggestions, but rather achievements, regarding everything that was provided with abundant information in the interview below:

* How do you evaluate the year 2023?

It is a year of departure not only for creative people, it is the departure of a very large number of Sudanese people whose lives coincided with the events, the artistic community is not separated from society, as it has lost stars, great musicians and young people.
The war left its impact on all segments of Sudanese society, and the first to be affected were musicians, singers, and singers, as happened in the days of Corona.

* On a personal level, is there any achievements?

On the personal side, I was fortunate to be appointed supervisor of the artistic and cultural activities of folk arts and festivals for the countries of East and Southeast Africa, affiliated with the International Organization for Folk Art, one of the parts
of UNESCO, based in Austria.
I opened a music class or primary and advanced music courses at the headquarters of the musical professions in Kasala State, now at the conclusions of the first and second rounds for musicians, I received very great acceptance from all ages, even from my oldest musicians.

* Are there any initiatives for singers at this stage?

Yes, many initiatives. In the United Kingdom, several concerts were held, the proceeds of which were due to the Sudanese community and to creative people and their support at home, especially since their circumstances are not hidden from anyone. Likewise, the United States of America held a number of concerts and sent their proceeds to Sudan, also to the Emirates. Among the initiatives that took place was the musicians’ initiative to bring the group together. To help the needy and those with chronic diseases, they set up a special fund for donations, collected money and delivered it to those in need, as well as medicines at the local level. A group of singers also carried out works that denounce war and call for peace.

* What efforts have you made in eastern Sudan?

Many, here in eastern Sudan, and Al-Safi Mahdi preceded us in Port Sudan. He carried out a great artistic activity, presenting an operetta in which the Port Sudan Musical Professions Union and the Khartoum Union participated. A number of singers participated, Omar Ehsas, Adel Muslim, Saif Al-Jamaa and others, and they carried out a very huge work, in addition to receiving a number of displaced people in a house. the Union
Also in Kasala, they received a number of displaced musicians and were fully accommodated, and an artistic activity was carried out through our efforts with Dr. Abdullah Shamo, orchestra, and Kasala choir, which dealt with national and heritage works, and also contributed to going to shelter centers to entertain the displaced. This is considered a type of psychological rehabilitation that the singers carried out through their presence in the Kasala region.

* How do you see the impact of war on creative people?

The impact occurred through crises, war, beatings, and plundering. Everyone lost their property. Those who left the capital, this issue was felt by singers from all specialties inside. The gathering was very strong and cohesive, checking on each other and providing assistance. Even the community around them was finding help. from creative people

* What about the Official Support?

While we were in Kasala, the Federal Minister of Culture, the Minister of Education, and the Director of Culture in Kasala State made a visit for the purpose of inspecting the creative people in the region, when they found the music class under (a shady neem tree), I told them that I hoped before I left that it would turn into a music institute in Kasala and Port Sudan. Centralization does not work there will be a counterpart in the states, we agreed to submit a project to establish a music institute in Kasala

* The Sudanese creator is accused of playing an entertainment role only, do you agree?

Never, I think that the Sudanese creator is always ahead of others with his vision.
When they sing for national unity and when they sing for independence before that, their vision was very forward to the point that some of the songs we relapsed on, such as (Here is Omdurman) and Ali, son of the South, I held my ribs together. Many of the songs (Longing and Homeland) by Salah Ibin Al Badia and (Land of Grandfathers) were songs of their period and end, but they did not find the correct reading, and the singer always has an advanced vision that sings for national unity, and we did not preserve it. It sings for peace, we did not preserve it, the singer still takes the initiative and sings.

* Why are singers accused of negligence?

Unfortunately, we have witnessed in this period odd voices who have an opinion about what creative people do. Why do singers and people sing about war? It is clear that this is their job. Is there anyone who has left their job?! A doctor, an engineer, a merchant, or anyone else. Likewise, a creative person performs his work while fighting with his word, tongue, and melody, and tries to spread smiles to people and relieve them. So why the attack?

* Is war able to unite the efforts of singers?

During this devastating war that left nothing behind, the role of the singer was very clear from within. There were some works in different media and writing did not stop. singers in Egypt established a gathering of Sudanese singers in Egypt, which is a large gathering contributed to care for the families that traveled and resided there, I believe that this the greatest cohesion, stand with all people, even such one moment.

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